Considering the terrain in Ooty and need to access all tourist spots some at high altitude, the car of choice for Malley’s Travels is the Toyota Innova. Malley’s cars are maintained in excellent condition and the drivers are friendly and have vast experience driving in the Nilgiris and the feeder cities of Coimbatore, Mysore and Bangalore.

Where required, Malley Travels can arrange for your pick up and drop between Ooty and any of these feeder cities. Our rates are dependent on the number of days for which transportation is required, the hours, and distance to be covered etc. Please contact us and share your proposed itinerary so we can provide you with the best quote.


Being a hill station, Ooty has it’s high and low seasons with demand for accommodation being particularly high during the months of March to June viz. the summer season. Ooty and the surrounding areas have a vast array of hotels to choose from depending on your budget and the privacy, exclusivity and facilities that you seek.

Malley’s can help with your accommodation and help you get the best discounts due to the vast contacts they have with local hotels and home stay owners. Please contact us with details of your budget, period of stay and your specific preferences and we will be happy to make suggestions on available accommodation and then with your approval, finalise the bookings for you.


Guided Tours

If you are new to Ooty and have limited time but want to take in as many sights as possible it would help to take the Guided Tour services of Malley Travels to thoroughly enjoy what Ooty has to offer without the hassle of finding and reaching each spot on the tourist map. Our guides are very knowledgeable and possess strong multi lingual communication skills.

They can provide all types of assistance and information on the cultural and historical background of the tourist sites in Ooty and the Nilgiris which will make your visit all the more significant and memorable. Please contact us if you need our guided tour services. We’ll take care of everything and let you just breathe the fresh air, relax and unwind.

About Ooty

Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a beautiful hill station in the Nilgiris in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. The Nilgiris is also known as the Blue Mountains due to the indigo cover of the beautiful flowers that bloom on the slopes of the hills. Ooty has many natural attractions to visit and one will not be disappointed. Our selection of the top 10 tourist attractions in Ooty are listed below for planning your itinerary:​

Botanical Gardens - Ooty

Botanical Garden

Lying on the lower slopes of the Doddabetta peak, the Government Botanical Garden spreads over 22 hectares. The garden is divided into several sections all trimmed beautifully to present an endearing sight. The garden is more than 160 years old and has been providing a feast for the eyes to both foreign and local travellers with its stunning variety of flowers, ferns and orchids. Also in the Botanical Garden is the Toda hill which gives visitors an insight into the lives and culture of Todas (a tribe of the Nilgiris and one of the oldest in India).

The Toy Train

The Toy Train which forms the Nilgiris Mountain Railway is a key attraction of Ooty. Operating since 1899, it continues to charms visitors, treating them with an exposure to the best of nature. The Toy Train covers 46 km in 5 hours from Mettupalayam to Ooty taking one on a most spectacular picturesque journey. The rail system is the steepest in Asia and well worth a trip.  In 2005, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Ooty lake  Tamil Nadu  India

Ooty Lake

This beautiful lake approximately 2 km from Ooty covers an area of 65 acres and is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and thick greenery. The lake has many beautiful water birds with the exotic Nilgiris in the background. The Ooty Lake provides fun for young and old with the paddle and rowing boats that can be hired.

St. Stephen's Church

The St. Stephen’s Church in Ooty is indeed an architectural marvel left by the British when we India received its independence. Located on the road to Mysore in Ooty it is one of the earliest churches in the Nilgiris district. The structure dates back to the 19th century. Its grandeur is also reflected in the painting of ‘The Last Supper’ found in the Church.  The foundation of the church was laid on April 23, 1829 and it’s interesting to note that the timber used in the construction was brought from Tipu Sultan’s palace after the British had successfully defeated him. Other attractions in the church include pretty stained glass windows depicting a myriad of different biblical scenes.


Dolphin’s Nose

This is a unique natural site where a protruding rock looks like a dolphin’s nose! Climbing up to the spot might require some effort, but it is totally worth it! From this point, one can catch the breath taking view of the Catherine falls hundreds of meters below and also of the Coonoor stream meeting the Kotagiri stream.

Doddabetta Peak

Towering at a staggering height of 8650 feet or 2,623 meters above sea level, Doddabetta, is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Hills. Situated about 10 km from the centre of Ooty, it’s a treat for the eyes and a great picturesque sightseeing place indeed. It provides wonderful opportunities for capturing endearing photographs. The breath taking view from Doddabetta extends to the hilly regions of Mysore and the open plains too. Doddabetta can be accessed by foot as well as by vehicle, thus appealing to both young and old.

Droog Fort - Conoor

Droog Fort

The Droog Fort is located in the area surrounding Coonoor another hill station around 20 KM from Ooty. This old and worn out fort located at an elevation of about 6000 feet above the plains is a trekkers delight. One must undertake some travel by foot to reach this destination. Currently only a wall of this military outpost remains. As the story goes, this fort was used by Tippu Sultan as an outpost because of its impressive location commanding extraordinary views of all approaches. Droog Fort is also referred to as Bakasura Malai which links it to the legend of Bakasura, a local demon.

Tiger Hill

One of the most exotic locations in Ooty is Tiger Hill. This mesmerizing tourist spot lies to the east of Ooty and towards the lower end of the Doddabetta peak about 6 km from the town centre.  Tiger Hill is a delight for trekkers. Atop the hill is a water reservoir that supplies the needs of Ooty town. In the vicinity is also a cave which is associated with many religious legends.

Emerald Lake

Around 20 kilometres from the main city of Ooty City Centre and nestled in Emerald Village in the Nilgiris is the serene Emerald Lake.  The lake is a part of the famous Silent Valley National Park which is in the Nilgiris District. Far away from crowds, the Emerald lake offers a perfect place to enjoy some peaceful quality time in the lap of nature. The lake is one of the unexplored hot spots of the Nilgiris not spoilt by the hordes of tourists that visit the hills each year. The blue waters of the lake and the green surroundings are home to a myriad of flora and fauna and several species of birds. The area is also a delight for trekkers, mountain bikers and those who love to fish.  Emerald Lake is a paradise for photography enthusiasts to create their own special souvenirs for this special place in time.

Thread Garden

This unique garden at Ooty is very popular with tourists as it exhibits some of the most exquisite artificial flowers and plants, all made by the expert hands of the skilful artists by just using thread.
The garden is the labour of love of a skilful team of artisans who create these marvels of thread. This is possibly the only garden of its type in the world. What is so amazing is that no needle or  machinery has been used in the production of these flowers. Material used includes stiff cardboard for flowers and petals and steel and copper wires for stems along with a variety of colourful threads to create the flowers and plants. This is a great place to pick special souvenirs of Ooty.

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